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3 Video Blog Ideas to Help You Drive New Visitors to Your Website

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AdobeStock_109604309-992810-edited.jpegVideo blogs are a great way to drive new website visitors, boost engagement, and increase your average time on site. When done strategically, video blogs can be one of the greatest assets on your website.

Remember that a video blog is just a quick, 60-90 second video where your goal is to cover one topic or answer one question. But where do you get video blog ideas? Here are three easy suggestions.



1. Answer Questions

One of the easiest ways to make video blogs is to just stand in front of the camera and answer some of your company's frequently asked questions. Ask the customer service department and sales team for a list of the most common questions they answer.

2. Teach People Something

The second video blog idea is to teach your viewers how to do something. Think of it like a show and tell or a demonstration. It might be a delicious recipe or an easy project they can do at home, or even how to accomplish a task in your software.

3. Interview a Customer or Client

For the third video blog idea, you don't have to do the talking. Do an interview with a customer or client. Look for your best testimonials or success stories — something unique that will capture the attention of your audience. Customer stories are like digital case studies. They're successful because they're real and engaging. 

Check Out Some Examples

We hope our suggestions will spark your creativity, but if you need more inspiration, check out these examples of successful video blogs: 

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