Matt Eckholm

As the Video Editor for Storyteller, Matt puts his passion for the post-production process to use, synthesizing all video, graphic, and audio elements into a cohesive piece for maximum impact. Matt brings his experience as both a filmmaker and marketing videographer to deliver multimedia content that entertains as well as informs. When Matt isn’t working on something video related, he’s taking advantage of the Minneapolis bike trail network, seeking out pinball machines, or studying urban land use and planning. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife Jacquelyn, Norwegian Elkhound Sonya, and black cat Sabrina.

An Overview of the Video Animation Production Process

Video animation is both an art and a science, and increasingly, companies are realizing that animated video offers unique opportunities to build relationships with their target audiences and explain the work they do.

We recently wrote about Terms to Know to Understand Marketing Animation, but we decided to dive farther into the standard process involved in the animation video production process.

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