Mitchel Sinon

Mitchel graduated from University of Florida with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and a Master’s in International Business. He’s worked in the marketing department of corporations and in marketing firms throughout his college and post-graduate career. As a transplant from Florida, Mitchel is new to the freezing tundra of Minnesota, but in his free time, he enjoys doing anything outdoors, even in the snow! From exploring the Twin Cities to snowboarding, he’s getting the most out of Minnesota.


How to Use Net Promoter Score to Optimize Your Customer Experience

Right now, you're likely reading this article on your phone, tablet, computer, or somebody might have even texted or emailed you the link, you name it. Do you realize what that means? It means that you have access to data on-demand, anytime you want it. And you had the option to pick from thousands...

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Writing for Results: Anatomy of a Great Lead Nurturing Campaign

So, you've offered gated content on your website, and now you've gotten clicks and form submissions. Great news, you've got leads you always wanted! But, now what do you do? That's where lead nurturing comes into play. Lead nurturing is what you do...

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If They’re Not Interested, You’re Not Interesting

There are certain products and services that are just fun to market. But there are many more products and services that just aren’t, well, sexy. Does that mean that they should have boring marketing content? Absolutely not. All content has the...

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Beginners Analytics: Five Fundamentals of Tracking Marketing ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is simple in theory: How much are you spending on your marketing, and how does that expense compare with how much business you are getting in return? You should always get more out of marketing than you’re putting into it....

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Stop Creating High-Level Fluffy Content That No One is Reading

It’s an ongoing problem: marketers and business leaders are creating content that isn’t thought through properly. It is too high level, too fluffy, and just rehashes other messages already on the internet.

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5 Steps to Sourcing Content to Improve Your Website, Blogs, and Videos

All great ideas are made better when they are supported by other great ideas. This is especially true in inbound marketing, where we aim to spark conversations around our clients’ businesses. When we produce blog posts, we build on others’ successes...

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Creating a Content Strategy That Will stand the Test of Time

In a meeting with a client a few weeks ago, we reviewed potential blog post titles. We were excited — the topics looked informative and helpful and had tons of potential. In our enthusiasm, we almost missed something that would have shortened the...

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How to Create an Effective Content Calendar for Your Team

Content calendar problems fall into two categories: either there’s not enough content or too much. Some businesses start blogs, only to abandon them weeks later when blog posts get deprioritized and eventually forgotten altogether. Other businesses...

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