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Blog Marketing: How to Write Blog Titles That Get Search Results

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By now you know that blog marketing is a great way to reach your prospects online. But you also know that your prospects are bombarded with marketing messages like never before, and that an effective blog title is key when it comes to ranking for certain keywords and garnering attention. We've written over 500 blog posts, and learned that the content within your blog post is only as good as the title that accompanies it. Here's what to keep in mind as you're writing your blog title.  


Using the proper keywords in your blog title is vital for garnering clicks and views from organic search. But what exactly is "proper?"

Well, you should be using keywords that fit the following criteria:

  • Are my keywords relevant to what my organization offers
  • Are there a fairly significant number of monthly searches for this keyword? 
  • Is this keyword fairly easy to rank for? 

So, the title of this post fit those three criterion:

  • We offer blog marketing services to companies 
  • The term "blog title" is searched for 260 times each month
  • It has a fairly low (49/100) difficulty score

You can use HubSpot's Keywords Tool (30-day free trial), or serps.com to find out your keywords' monthly search volume and difficulty score.

Read It as a Reader

We know, it seems like a fluffy, academic practice that your sixth-grade English teacher tried to drill into your head. But reading your blog title as if you're the reader makes a huge difference. It really does. 

The biggest mistake writers often make in this department is focusing too heavily on features, rather than benefits. They tell you THAT their blog post is great, but they don't tell you WHY their blog post is great and why it will benefit the reader.

Another way to think of it is, does your blog title pass the "So What" test – meaning, your blog title should answer the question "So what?." In the case of this blog (yes, the one you're reading right now), the "So what" is creating "blog titles that get search results." It's something to "grab on to," so to speak.

Choose Carefully and Deliver

Creating blog titles carefully allows your content to maintain direction. As we see with many writers, the content within a blog post has a tendency to "take on a life of its own" as you move further and further through a piece. This can create two problems. First, it can lead to a mismatch between the title of the piece and the content within the piece. In the short-term, this is confusing for the reader. In the long-term, people will begin associating your blog titles with irrelevant content and lose trust.

More importantly, though, it can lead to blog content that isn't aimed strategically the way that you initially planned. If you notice while you're writing that you're having to "come up" with things to write, your title probably wasn't created as strictly and strategically as it should have been. Blogs should (more or less) "write themselves" based on the topic that you choose. So choose carefully, and do your best to deliver on the title of the piece.


Your blog content may be great, but without an equally great title – no one will ever know.

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