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Blog Marketing Techniques: How to Choose a Topic for Your Post

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So, you've started your blog. You've set up your template, you've picked out your font, and now you're staring at a blank screen. What are you supposed to write about?

A blog is crucial to your search engine success, but there's a catch – you have to update it regularly. The more you update your blog with new posts, the more search engines will recognize your site as being relevant. Simple, right? Maybe not. That's a lot of blog ideas!

If you've found that generating ideas for your blog is tough, you're not the only one. Choosing topics is one of the most important blog marketing techniques, so it's helpful to have a process. Here are some great things to keep in mind when writing your next post.

1. Who is your audience?

Without this step, the rest don't matter. In inbound marketing lingo, we call the audience your "buyer persona"- the person you want to read your blog and see your website. If your company sells the majority of its merchandise or services to small business owners, you should write content directed at small business owners. 

2. What are their pain points?

Now, it's time to step into the minds of your persona. What problem does your audience need solved? Maybe you offer air conditioning repair services – chances are, you'd like to connect with the people searching "how to tell if your air conditioner is broken." Boom. There's your topic. Since blogs should be easily digestable for the reader, be sure to only choose one specific problem for each blog.

3. How can you solve their problem?

This is where the writing starts. If you're writing about colds and the flu, you can explain which symptoms require a doctor's visit. If you're writing about staying in good golfing shape during a snowy winter, you could list the best putting drills or back exercises. If you're writing a post about choosing a topic for a blog post, you might list and explain the specific steps that you take when choosing a topic. This isn't the place to talk about how great your product or service is – just solve the problem!

4. Repeat! 

Now that you know how to pick great topics, your blog should be off and running in no time. Happy writing!

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