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The Legacy of Fran Heitzman: Stories for the Soul [VIDEO]

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Many people in the Twin Cities are familiar with Fran Heitzman and recognize his tremendous work as the founder of Bridging, Inc. What many people may not realize about Fran is that his spirit of stewardship began long before Bridging opened its doors and can be traced back to his modest beginnings in Bloomington, MN in the 1930s.

With five children in tow, Fran's parents left their Iowa home in the wake of the depression seeking a better life near the Twin Cities. As was the case for many at the time, the Heitzman family had nothing and yet, Fran's mother routinely found ways to take care of those around her. Her spirit of stewardship is traced back to, what was then, a potato field in Bloomington at the corner of 90th and Portland. She would gather unwanted potatoes and divvy the spuds to neighbors who needed food. The experience left an indelible mark in the mind of Fran Heitzman and would spawn a life of giving back.

Fran would own multiple businesses as an adult and found numerous ways to continue to give to those less fortunate. After his years in business, Fran took a position as a part-time janitor at Pax Christi Catholic Community in Eden Prairie. It was here that Bridging began. It started with a crib, a storage room and a burning desire to help those less fortunate.

We salute the work of Fran Heitzman and hold high his spirit of stewardship. At StoryTeller we can only aspire to reach his level of unselfishness and stewardship.