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Planting Seeds for a Long-Term Video Marketing Strategy

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When clients first approach us about creating a video marketing strategy, they feel excited but also nervous. ‘We know we should be making more video,’ they say. ‘But we don't have enough time for video. We don't know how to get started. Our people are nervous about being on camera. We don't have enough budget.’ Other times, companies get stalled because they have many great ideas for videos, but tackling the video production plan scares them or stops them in their tracks.

If these concerns sound familiar, fear not. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or don’t know, think through what you do have -- customers who are relying on your products and services to help them solve their problems. Your video marketing strategy is a way to begin planting seeds of familiarity and cultivating relationships with them that last far into the future.

Start With The Customer In Mind

One way to avoid getting overwhelmed with all the ways you could use video is by always keeping your customer at the heart of your strategy. Strategic, well-planned video marketing content should consider how to motivate your ideal customer to take a specific action. If you’re like most businesses, you probably have a target audience already in mind. 

Pro tip: Ask yourself: ‘What do I want my prospect to do after they watch the video?’ Although this question seems simple, many businesses create videos without being clear on the intent, the call to action, and what value the video offers to the viewer.

When people watch your video (or series of videos), do you want viewers to be intrigued to check out your website, or is it to help differentiate your product from your competitor’s to cinch the final decision? Starting with what challenges you’re solving for your customer will help you make a video that builds trust, and drives overall business performance.

Plan for A Forest of Content

When a company is new to video marketing and video production planning, they often feel overwhelmed with all the messages and information they want to put out there to resonate with customers.

As a result, some businesses’ first impulse is to opt for one large, long, catch-all video that promotes every aspect of the business. Anyone watching videos online, however, will tell you that a six-minute ‘About Us’ video isn’t likely to achieve a catch-all effect at all. In the attempt to do too much, the video will leave your customers in the dust. 

Instead of the end goal being one long video, we encourage clients to consider building a library of shorter, more targeted videos that match where a prospect is their buyer's journey. These targeted videos can ignite new prospect relationships, build customer trust and loyalty, and can be accomplished in the same timeframe (read same cost) as that longer single video. You can even plan the videos you'd like to make during your shoot using our Video Shoot Blueprint.

With a little imagination and proper planning, one shoot can provide a treasure trove of content that can be used internally, promotionally, and even for social media.

Hiring a Trusted Guide For Your Video Marketing Services

A video producer can help you from the brainstorming phase to strategic planning and beyond. Consider them an extension of your overall marketing team willing to jump on the phone to help you connect your strategic dots, utilize your budget, and shape your video’s goals.

In no time at all, you’ll have a sustainable, thriving video marketing strategy that supports your customers and utilizes the many resources you have available.

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