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Meet the Team: Nikki Lanzer Highlight Reel

Meet the Team: Nikki Lanzer Highlight Reel

"Meet the Team'' here at StoryTeller Media & Communications! For this edition, we'd like to introduce you to Nikki Lanzer–an invaluable member of our team and a marketing dynamo for clients. Nikki has a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Whatever a client may need marketing-wise, from written content, social media ads, and emails to drive leads–Nikki is all over it. Let’s dive in to learn a little more about this StoryTeller rockstar. 

How Did You First Get into Marketing?

“I've always really loved writing and being creative. That was kind of the foundation of my passion.”

Previously, Nikki worked for an e-commerce company where she was part of a smaller marketing team helping to lead initiatives and get her hands dirty wherever she could. This was a valuable work experience that perfectly teed her up to support clients at StoryTeller. 

What’s Your Job Title and Key Responsibilities?

Nikki is an Account Manager who says she finds great enjoyment in coming up with innovative and effective ways to move the needle for her clients.

“I really enjoy helping clients move forward on specific goals.”

Nikki is a progress gal through and through. She loves organizing–something her clients greatly benefit from when working with her. Creating reliable, repeated processes is not only fun for Nikki, but they help her (and her team) successfully implement strategies, regardless of what a company’s goals are. Nikki also has a good eye for detail, which she puts to work when helping her clients build and maintain their brand identities.

Nikki is a knowledgeable and confident advisor and delights in growing her career by helping her clients succeed.

Where Are We Most Likely to Find You Outside of Work?

Enough about Nikki’s stellar strategic skills–what does she like to do for fun? Dance! Nikki has been learning partner-styled dance since freshman year of college. She’s into ballroom, salsa, Latin, samba, and many others. Among her favorites is zouk, a Brazilian style of dance. 

Nikki resides in Wisconsin and makes the weekly trip to the Twin Cities to dance in the evening. Even if she dances on a weeknight, she is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come our 8:30 a.m. morning check-in!

What Are Some Small Things That Make Your Day Better?

Passionate dancer and client strategist, Nikki has a few other tricks up her sleeve. When asked what she does to add a positive spin on her day, Nikki says that she likes to add in a little chaos.

“I call my dad to banter.”

That’s right, the highlight of Nikki’s day often is calling her pop to “stir up drama about her brothers,” or to “have juicy conversations.”

Nikki is an unassuming prankster who is good with a laser pointer (in a playful way) and filled with fun, creative ideas–like presenting a coworker with an oversized pinata for his going away party. Nikki likes to keep things lighthearted and fun–something we all love about her! 

What do You Like Most About Being a StoryTeller? 

“I love being in an environment where everyone is so encouraging, in a genuine way, and is appreciative of each other's roles. It's super refreshing to work with people who care about content writing, marketing, and each other. Even though we do have different roles, we are all united under the same core values (Problem Solver, Lock Down Reliability, Get Shit Done, Inspire By Example, Driven To Mastery) which allows us to excel as a team.”

We are greatly appreciative of all our StoryTeller members. Stay tuned for the spotlight to be shined on another StoryTeller pro soon! Would you like to be a part of the StoryTeller team? Connect with Kathy Heil to see what current job opportunities we have! 

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