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Paul Apap — The Most Unselfish Person: Stories for the Soul [VIDEO]

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Paul Apap takes on ALS with courage and an unselfish heart.

Selflessness. It's a trait that is admired and difficult for most of us to practice, let alone master. Yet, when we meet these incredible people, we quickly realize the profound effect they have on the lives of others. Who is the most unselfish person you know?


"He's the most unselfish person I know," is how John Apap refers to his younger brother Paul. Unselfish because of the way Paul puts the needs of others before his own. Unselfish because when talking to Paul, he makes sure you always come before him. Unselfish because even as he confronts a deadly disease like ALS, Paul Apap will first make sure you and your family are well before talking about his condition.

Paul Apap has been a close friend of mine for over 30-years. From the first day I met him he has always put others before himself. His courage in facing his grave condition is mind-boggling and his compassion for others is truly breathtaking. What would the world be like if we all lived like Paul? What if we acted as unselfishly, not just in personal relationships, but also in business relationships? How might the world be a better place?

We honor Paul Apap for his selflessness and hold high all that he represents. To learn more about ALS and ways you can help, click here.