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Quality, Affordable Video Production That Comes To You, Anywhere

Quality, Affordable Video Production That Comes To You, Anywhere

Over the last two years, the pandemic has shattered long-held structures within the world of work. The idea of a majority remote workforce shifted from a futuristic, fringe idea to an imminent necessity, and now, it’s a mainstream reality. With companies like Google, Amazon, and even yours truly deciding to permanently allow a mix of remote and hybrid work options, this practice is here to stay.

Despite the difficulties that come hand-in-hand with change, the transition to working remotely has cracked open a new mindset for many businesses. Instead of focusing on geographic proximity, many companies and organizations have embraced the nimbleness that remote work allows -- the ability to find the best, quality partnerships and talent, not just the closest. 

Although we’ve been working with clients around the country for years, we’ve been honored and excited by the wave of new faces and businesses who have contacted us recently about working on video projects and helping them navigate this new normal.

As you’re selecting the right next partner for upcoming video projects, we wanted to illuminate why you also should be considering video teams beyond your backyard.


Keeping an in-house videographer or video production company doesn’t make sense for most marketing teams, that’s why many companies turn to hiring agencies to help them produce video content. However, if you’re based in an area with a high cost of living or high taxes, local agencies and contractors may charge a considerable amount for a video project.

The transition to remote working has made it easier for companies to shop around, looking at partners based farther away, but with an overall lower cost of production.


We’ve written often about the crucial role of the video producer in achieving a successful video project. Your video producer will coordinate and manage all aspects of a video production process from organizing logistics, project timelines, to communicating all the necessary information to the invested parties. In short, a producer may help with creative direction, setting a budget, and writing scripts, and anything else in between.

As with anything, ‘practice makes perfect,’ and we’re proud of the process we’ve developed over the years and across many industries to be able to plan and create efficient, impactful, emotional videos within budget and within our stated timeline.


Having a background in news has granted us established relationships with video teams around the country. We like to use a ‘hub and spoke’ model when it comes to our national and international video projects. In this new world of work, we’re all trying to figure out creative ways to meet and unite our teams, even when we can’t be physically together, and travel costs can quickly add up and overwhelm a marketing budget. 

HubSpot Video

By project managing from one location and hiring in-market videographers, we’ve been able to create unified video projects that represent an entire company, even when the team is spread apart. Recently, we worked with MCG Civil, a heavy civil construction company with 45-years of operating history specializing in large-scale, complex infrastructure projects, to shoot a video representing their multi-office company. Our production team worked with MCG to plan, script, and strategize the video that would represent their offices in Castle Rock, CO, Austin, TX, and Charlotte, NC. To achieve this, we sent a producer to oversee the day-of shoots, while relying on local, in-market videographers to help us capture the video we needed.

Relying on one producer is key for consistency and ensuring a unified message and vision to the project, but hiring local video talent reduces travel costs and keeps the overall budget very reasonable.  


As an agency founded on journalistic roots and experience, we approach every video shoot through the mindset of a news crew. We know that the ultimate goal of video is comunicating simple, compelling stories that the public can trust. We believe quality, not gimmicks, is what resonates with audiences, (Check out our Emmy® Award-winning videos to see what we mean).

A final video is only so good is what you plan to do with it. That’s why we make sure to keep our marketer’s hats on throughout the planning, the scripting, the shoot, and editing a final product. Due to the sheer amount of creative content out there these days, creating a video marketing strategy is non-negotiable for a video’s success. Our Video Shoot Blueprint helps us to advise client’s on making the most of their video shoots, and the many applications and channels they might use to turn a one-day video shoot into a library of video content. 

Remember, video today shouldn’t be used just once -- it can be shared internally, in marketing emails, with prospects, and across social media platforms.

Creating great videos starts with identifying a video partner you can trust. Our team at StoryTeller is available to answer any questions or to help you on your video production journey.

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