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Using Recruitment Videos For Attracting Talent

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It might seem obvious, but employees who like where they work and feel connected to their company’s mission and values are happier employees. As employers seek to recruit and retain talent, the ability to showcase team culture and values is critical, especially in today’s competitive hiring environment. In April 2021, McKinsey released a survey where nearly 70% of US-based employees have reflected on the purpose of their lives during the pandemic, and nearly half claimed to be actively reevaluating whether they needed to make a career change.

The desire to find purpose-filled work has been a growing trend over the last decade, and wise business leaders are paying attention. According to PwC’s 2016 Putting Purpose to Work Survey, 79% of business leaders believe that purpose is central to their business’s success and affects how they structure and motivate their teams. The pandemic and trends in remote work have made it even more important for leaders to use available tools like culture and recruitment videos for recruiting, training, and retaining talent.


Every company has certain values that go hand-in-hand with its business strategy, whether they’ve articulated them or not. Identifying these values doesn’t just start with the C-Suite– it starts with considering what success looks like for all workers across the organization, and how they feel about the work they do. These values become guideposts that can help attract the kind of talent your company wants and connects current employees to the culture of the greater organization

Video is an especially powerful tool for inbound recruiting and attracting new talent because it allows you to utilize your current employees as advocates. That’s what motivated Super Radiator Coils,  a family-owned manufacturing company based in Chaska, MN, to use targeted video recruitment materials to showcase the work being done by their workforce spread across the country. 

“We wanted to capture the power of our message via video to best communicate our company values and to build momentum and excitement around our strong company culture,” explained Amy Holt of Super Radiator Coils. “Maintaining organizational cultural cohesion across the country and living our shared values will hopefully create that great sense of purpose and an inclusive community for our employees.” Check out the video here.


Simply by understanding and highlighting your company’s values, you’ll be able to hone in on talented potential employees who share those values, and this commitment to purpose will serve as differentiators for your business from your competitors. From the CEO to the newest entry-level employee, employees can reflect on these values and potential employees can determine whether they’ll fit in. 

When you start leading your organization with your values, you automatically transform the way your employees think about the work they do. If you’d like any help with determining how to articulate your values through the power of video, please reach out. We’d love to help you tell your story.

using video for hiring

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