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Subscribe Now: The 5 Best Marketing Podcasts Under 30 Minutes

Subscribe Now: The 5 Best Marketing Podcasts Under 30 Minutes

5BestMarketingPodcastsIn the fast-paced world of marketing, it's crucial to be connected with the latest ideas, trends and information. Subscribing to blogs can be a great way to stay on top of the latest information from your favorite marketing organizations—but in a world full of blogs, stories and data, finding another way to stay connected can be helpful.

I recently started using my 35-minute commute as an opportunity to listen to industry podcasts and found that it is a great way to spark new thoughts, hear from industry leaders and understand different perspectives—all helping me to craft rich strategies for our clients here at StoryTeller.

We know your time is valuable, so we've complied a list of the best action-packed podcasts that are conscious of your busy day.

Here the 5 best marketing podcasts you can listen to in under 30 minutes:

1. The Growth Show

Average Length: 25 Minutes | This extremely valuable podcast is hosted by Hubspot CMO, Mike Volpe, each week he sits down with an industry influencer to unpack their marketing success.

“The one thing brands need to do is find a way to empower consumer." 
—Jeff Rosenbloom [Tweet this]

2. Call-to-Action Podcast

Average Length: 20 Minutes | This short, action-packed podcast lives up to its name by providing actionable ideas for marketers to implement right away! If you tune into this podcast, expect to learn about conversion rate, A/B testing, content marketing & social media marketing.

“Marketing is about doing two things: gauging the observer & compelling them to take action" —Tommy Walker [Tweet this]

3. The #AskGaryVee Show

Average Length: 15 Minutes | This fast-paced, in-your-face podcast features Gary Vanerchuk, an entrepreneur, author and speaker who is known for his blunt honesty. In his podcast, Gary answers questions from his followers on Twitter.

"Once you understand what you are trying to achieve, all your behavior has to match." —Gary Vanerchuk [Tweet this]

4. Duct Tape Marketing

Average Length: 30 Minutes | John Jantsch interviews authors, expert and thought leaders and shares marketing tips, tactics and resources.

"Content marketing is an obsession with listening to your customers and solving their problems" —Marcus Sheridan [Tweet this]

5. Content Inc

Average Length: 5 Minutes | Joe Pulizzi understands that your day is busy. This 5-minute podcast focuses on providing one takeaway from each episode that will help you change your business.

"Google and Facebook have business goals that are entirely different than helping your company, don't rely on outside platforms." —Joe Pulizzi [Tweet this]

These are just a few of the quick-hit podcasts available to marketers, if you are looking for a deeper dive into the world of marketing podcasts, check out these great options:

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