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Telling Stories That Matter: Be The Match [video]

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Screen_Shot_2016-01-13_at_11.45.53_AM-431033-edited.pngOur philosophy here at StoryTeller is that GOOD videos come from GOOD stories. When you allow people to tell their own stories and make that the main priority in a video over fancy effects or pictures, your ending product is sure to reflect that.

"Good videos come from good stories." Screen_Shot_2016-01-06_at_3.43.05_PM.png

This fall, we met Jodi and Brie, two people who found each other through the nonprofit organization, Be The Match — and who, ultimately, made a lifelong connection.

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In Jodi and Brie’s story, we learn about Jodi’s life journey with leukemia and Brie’s role in her life as her marrow donor. The most important element of their story is not the number of people served or facts about marrow donation, but the raw emotion shared through the interviews with Jodi, Brie, and family members. Because their story is so strong, viewers are immediately connected with the characters. It’s a perfect example of how the right story can help illustrate so much more than just capturing “pretty pictures”.

By the end of the video, viewers are left with an itch to act and get involved in the organization – the ultimate marketing goal of the video.

That goal isn’t achieved through fancy graphic animations and over the top production techniques, it’s achieved through the people telling their own story. Stories that matter. 

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