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Inbound Marketing (7)


Marketing ROI Reporting Templates and Tools That Really Rock

Proving the value of your marketing efforts is absolutely essential, but that doesn’t mean that you want to spend hours and hours creating customized reports and searching for data points to show the ROI of your marketing efforts on a quarterly or...

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Utilizing PPC Campaigns to Support Your Organic Content Strategy

When piecing together your digital marketing strategy, the list of tactics can be overwhelming and it may seem difficult to decide where to place your attention first. It's important to start by identifying the best ways to drive new traffic to your...

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Why Organic Search Beats Paid Search Over the Long Term

Quickly, answer this — do you click on “ads” when you’re searching for something on Google? If you’re like most people, you answer this with a resounding “no!” My 14-year old daughter is pretty typical in this regard. She says the only time she...

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Erik Saltvold knows things about digital marketing agencies that agencies don't even know about themselves. In the past eight years, he's worked with six agencies, with only one agency sticking around for more than a year. The 52-year-old founder...

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Building Blocks for an Inbound Marketing Pricing Retainer

Understanding the Building Blocks for an Inbound Marketing Pricing Retainer

Whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, a small or mid-sized company, in just about any industry today, you share the same marketing challenges; you want more traffic to your website and you're focused on converting more leads to customers. Yet, how...

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61 Inbound Marketing Tools to Boost Website Performance

The inbound marketing methodology, at its core, is actually pretty simple and easy to understand. It consists of 5 main components: Attract visitors with content, socialize your materials to connect with more of your audience, convert viewers with...

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How to Find the Right Content Marketing Agency for YOUR Company

According to a recent study of Digital Marketing Agencies, over 60% of brands who utilize an outside marketing agency are looking for an all-in-one solution for all of their digital marketing needs, rather than a "best in breed" partnership. Which...

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9 Pieces of Essential Website Advice for Digital Marketers

Whether you realize it or not, your website is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts, and the one member of your team that promotes your business 24/7. But in the world of marketing today, there are so many different things you need to be...

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Traditional Marketing

Doubting Thomas comes to mind when I think of the struggle many old school marketers have when it comes to letting go of their past marketing methods. For decades, traditional marketing has been straightforward — businesses create and hone a...

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Driving Measurable Results from Your PR Strategies

For years, public relations was considered the most effective way to “get your name out there” for a business. Unlike advertising, PR is earned media placement, and to this date is still a powerful strategy to help your business get noticed. And...

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