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Mission 2022: Top Video Marketing Trends and Examples

Mission 2022: Top Video Marketing Trends and Examples

Visual content continues to dominate the digital world’s center stage. That’s why leveraging video’s capacity to tell stories, engage with your customers, and boost your brand’s presence has never been more paramount.

No surprises there. Still, it’s important to hammer on this point. Back in 2020, the marketers at Wyzowl conducted a survey that found people share videos twice as often as other content types and that nearly 90% of those surveyed had watched a company video that convinced them to purchase a particular product or service. Those numbers have only continued to climb as short-form videos across social media platforms are created, posted, and shared at astounding rates.


Marketers in 2022 face an interesting decision regarding quality versus quantity -- but it may be better to ask: when should you call-in the video pros rather than making them in-house?  We know people love videos and that we need to provide them frequently. But, we also know quality video is an investment in time, money, and your team’s energy and bandwidth. 

Most of us carry recording devices with us at all times (our phones), and sometimes, producing a video that feels more “rough around the edges” actually will read as more authentic to your customer base. Other times, based on the type of video and application, a more professional video will help you achieve your business objectives. 

Let’s take a look at the year’s most important video trends and when companies will tackle them in-house versus hiring out.


As companies continue to struggle to find the talent they need, many have begun to use video and video platforms to connect with their target audience. For example, take Chipotle. They created a “behind the scenes” video showcasing what’s it like to work for them and posted it on TikTok, knowing that would speak to a teenaged audience who might be looking for a fun job. This video uses the “homemade” feel common to TikTok, but to really pull off the multiple shots and interviews, this was likely created by a professional video crew.

However, you can easily add videos into job descriptions, introducing team members, or even thanking an applicant for applying, with the message coming directly from the potential supervisor. These are easy to make in-house, using a simple Zoom recording or an in-office studio.


We like to say that explainer videos are like your most tireless employee. If you have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of your website, you need to ask yourself if these would be better answered through video. These 1-2 minute videos free up your team’s bandwidth for conversations with prospects deeper in the sales funnel.

A well-made explainer video can make a buyer’s journey more streamlined, reducing barriers or concerns early on, and these usually have a longer lifespan. Thus, these are usually worth investing in a higher-quality project done by professionals.

It’s also worth noting that animation is becoming an increasingly popular way to create explainer videos. They’re automatically playful, can easily convey conceptual information, and can be branded with your company colors. Take a look at this explainer video which showcases how dental practices will benefit from using inbound marketing strategies to support their business growth and goals.

HubSpot Video


A client testimonial has been a cornerstone of marketing since the dawn of modern business. Prospective customers want to hear the pros of working with you or purchasing from you from other customers who already made the decision they’re evaluating. Investing in a quality, well-made video usually pays for itself in sales. Take this testimonial video from Hazeltine National Golf Club, which helps couples decide whether their space is what they’ve been looking for. 


Having a few well-produced testimonials is a great thing to have in your marketing arsenal. They can be used in emails, on your website, and across social platforms. However, because the most important aspect of a testimonial is capturing a buyer’s experience, you don’t necessarily need all of your testimonials to be super polished. For simple, DIY testimonials, you might interview your top customers while they’re shopping or follow-up with happy clients and create a few catch-phrase shorts to share across social media. These will read as authentic and don’t have to live forever.


Related to testimonials, user-generated video content can be a powerful tool, especially for demoing products and services. In the age of social media and customer reviews, soliciting customer videos from your base has many advantages. Even if the video quality isn’t as high, the responses will be genuine and often, this kind of campaign is more affordable since customers send in their videos. Check out this customer example from Instant Pot to see what we mean.

Even professionally made, in-house videos now seek to elicit a user-generated feel to showcase their products and services. REI has been known as a master in this kind of video-making for years now. From encouraging users to share their photos and videos using hashtags like #OptOutside on social, they also frequently evaluate their products’ pros and cons and how they will serve their needs. 


We really started to pay attention to this trend in 2020, with the launch of video service Cameo, where celebrities ranging from sports stars to your favorite Game of Thrones characters will send personalized videos to adoring fans for a fee, such as paying Dr. Oz $500 to sing happy birthday to your grandmother. Even if you don’t have a celebrity to read the message, people still love receiving videos made just for them.

Personalized videos are easy to create in-house and are great additions to your efforts across emails to prospective customers, partners, and even internal communications to engage your workforce. 

This kind of video should really come from your team. No need to bring in pros for this one.


Who doesn’t love a ‘choose your own adventure’ feel? We’re living in an age where people expect to be able to quickly and seamlessly control their content and overall experience. Interactive videos are the natural next step in that process. A couple of examples we like are this interactive video from BBC Scotland or the Glen Coe Valley, which allows visitors to choose what they want to explore with a 360-degree view, and this shoppable video from SYFY WIRE, which allows you to seamlessly buy the Wonder Woman-themed sunglasses while continuing to watch the video.

There are ways to do this yourself, such as adding cards and pop-ups within your videos on YouTube, but for a seamless experience, this one probably requires some professional support.


When it comes to upgrading your video marketing strategy, there are a lot of options to consider, but you’re already ahead of the curve! By being aware of where the future of video content is headed and starting to consider how to allocate your budget, your 2022 video marketing strategy will surely be a success.

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