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There is a lot of noise out there on the web. Google does a good job of working to get the best content to the top, but even with those efforts, searching online for the right content and answers can be frustrating. Why isn't there more noteworthy content? Because there aren't enough newsworthy writers.

In a piece about hiring journalists to improve content marketing, Robert McGuire from The Content Marketing Institute blamed blog writers.

“Today’s content mills are filled with bloggers’ first instincts... They belabor the obvious instead of offering new insight to gain customers’ trust.” 

When journalists write blogs, they create better content. They know that to make a piece of writing relevant, they need to find a different angle on the topic and hook their audience.

This means challenging what is already out there with a different perspective that gets us thinking. Journalistic blog writers excel at taking a unique angle or perspective and using facts, statistics, and stories to support their argument. If your company has a unique perspective or opinion, they can leverage that journalistic style to showcase it. 

CM_BlogPost05022017HireBlogWriters.jpegUnderstand the Value of Authoritative Sources

Too often, when marketers write blogs, the content easily falls into a sales pitch, or dare I say it, a bad infomercial. Adding journalists to your writing mix prevents this.

They know how to create trustworthy, relevant content because their goals are different. They're trying to create a story rather than rehashing old information or pushing a cheesy sales pitch. 

They'll ask the right questions to get the most valuable information from both internal and external experts in the field building credibility and trust with your audience.  

Create Tone of Voice for Your Brand

Pepsi has recently fallen into some negative PR after the release of a commercial starring Kendall Jenner. In case you missed it, watch it here. While Pepsi has very much become a buzzword on many social platforms, the commentary is exactly the opposite of what Pepsi would like discussed around their brand. Just one day after the video released, digital content engagement mentioning Pepsi increased 366%, but 43% of that mentioned Black Lives Matter, 31% called the advertisement “tone-deaf,” and 10% labeled it “the worst ever,” according to data from Amobee Brand Intelligence. Not only did Pepsi not resonate with their audience, they also offended them.

So what can marketers learn from Pepsi as it relates to blogging? When you work for a company, frequently, you are drinking the Kool-Aid — or in this case, the Pepsi — and sometimes miss the mark on perception because you are too deep in the bubble. Many companies are thinking about their branding, but aren’t paying attention to their tone of voice which is one of the reasons why Pepsi strayed so far from the proper tone in their ad.

This is where journalistic blog writers can really make a big and newsworthy impact. They can help your company define that tone of voice, or how you sound in your content so when you remove the label of your brand, people still know it’s you because of how it sounds.

Why? Because they have experience creating content that is impactful and prominent. Marketer and author Ann Hadley says it this way,

“Done right, your tone of voice is truly the secret sauce in your content BBQ.”

Think about your favorite news sources and blogs, if they didn’t have their name on and article, could you tell it was from them? I know I could. 

Economically Expand Your Bandwidth to Get Shit Done

You and your employees may know that it is beneficial to continually be publishing content on your website, but when you add the task of blogging to your employees' already busy schedules, that to-do quickly gets labeled as “low-priority.” Without having time, creativity suffers. One of the worst things a company can do for themselves is to create bad or boring content, which can easily happen when writing a blog is rushed.

So do yourself, your employees, and your company a favor and consider using a journalistic blog writer to create newsworthy content for your site and get ready to see your credibility and following soar.

Storytelling for Businesses