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Why You Shouldn't Forget Video in Your Marketing Automation Strategy

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You don't need us to tell you that video is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing today because everywhere you turn you read articles saying this is "the year of video!" We know that more video is watched on mobile devices today than ever before, and that given the choice of watching a video or reading an article, those searching for answers to questions on the internet will choose video over and over.

One of the most powerful ways businesses can harness video is to help them drive more qualified sales leads, yet most marketing automation strategies neglect to incorporate video. By leveraging both video AND marketing automation you will be able to take your marketing automation strategy to the next level!

Here are 3 strategic ways to use video to impact the buyer' journey:


In this stage of the buyer's journey, chances are the visitor is looking for an answer to a problem they are trying to solve or a question they are asking. People choose to do business more often with companies they know and trust and video is the fastest way to provide this connection. How do you know what "awareness" videos to create? Head over to your customer service team and ask them what the most frequently asked questions are. Use this information to create a series of short videos to address each question. In the case of Haskell's Wine and Liquor, we created a video to answer one of their most popular questions "How do you remove red wine stains?" and turned the answer into a video blog.


Don't stop here.. remember, this is the first stage in the buyer journey. You want to be able to build a long term relationship with this prospect and you can't do that if you don't know who they are. Video is a powerful lead generation tool. We are huge fans of putting our clients videos on the Wistia platform, so we can use the Turnstile email collector to add a form within the video player that captures an email.


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In this stage of the funnel, your leads are evaluating all of the options that are available to them. They typically become leads by downloading something that is of value to them (an ebook, a whitepaper, a guide, etc.) and your job is to help them make the best informed decision. At StoryTeller, our belief is that to connect with your audience in the most powerful way (which will ultimately drive more conversions), it is accomplished when you can tell authentic and real stories. In the case of Foss Swim School, a leading Twin Cities swim instruction program, they know that a lot of research goes into finding the right swim program for your child. Rather than using video to tell the nuts and bolts of the company (which is the default of most brands) they wanted to use "Brody's Story" to connect with parents in a deeper way, moving them towards the "decision stage."

Foss Swim School | Brody's Story


At this stage, the buyer is ready to make a decision.They have done their research and are probably familiar with your product or service. The focus now as a marketer is to provide exceptional customer service and create the opportunity for a long term relationship. The types of videos you may want to create in this stage of the journey are video testimonials, case studies, product deep dives, etc. One of the most impactful places that you can host your video in this decision making stage is on a landing page. Hazeltine National Golf Club, has done an exceptional job leveraging testimonial videos to drive landing page conversions for new membership. (This landing page drives an average of 20% conversion.)


As you think about your inbound marketing strategy, don't forget to think about your buyer's journey. Are you connecting with them every step of the way and making yourself memorable? Are you giving them the necessary tools needed to help them with their decision-making process? They say a "picture is worth a thousand words" which leaves me wondering how many words a video is worth?

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