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Ed Heil

Ed Heil is the president of StoryTeller Media + Communications. StoryTeller is an inbound marketing agency and video production company based in Minneapolis. Ed blogs about inbound marketing, video production, social media, and media relations.


22 min read

Drone Footage at Your Club : DIY and Hiring a Pro (Flight Creative Media) [Episode 6]

Breathtaking aerial videography used to cost thousands of dollars to capture, but with drone technology, that has changed. Thanks to drone videography, it's never been easier or more cost-effective to shoot breathtaking video from high above your...

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20 min read

Email Marketing that Engages Your Members (Mike Donnelly) [Episode 5]

Email has changed the way we communicate. We don't talk on the phone nearly as much as we used to, and we don't even meet in person quite as much,...

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20 min read

Creating a Lead Management Process that Drives Leads (Evan Dean) [Episode 4]

It's been proven for years that businesses that blog receive more leads than those that do not. Even businesses like private clubs are benefitting...

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20 min read

How We Turned Our Internal Communications Upside Down (Jackie Singleton) [Episode 3]

How does a club with more than 130-years of history transform its member communication and drive engagement? With tremendous vision, team buy-in, and...

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18 min read

Telling Your Club Story Through Your Branding (Derek Sussner) [Episode 2]

How do you appeal to the younger generation without alienating your traditional member base? That's a question confronting private clubs across the...

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16 min read

Transforming Your Club to Digital Marketing (Ruth Glaser) [Episode 1]

If you're looking for a club marketing pioneer, look no further than Ruth Glaser, director of sales and marketing at Hazeltine National Golf Club in...

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3 min read

Why Inbound Marketing Should Be Part of Your Golf Marketing Plan

We've seen inbound marketing work as an effective strategy for a wide variety of industries — but one industry stands out as one of the greatest fit...

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