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Evolving technology continues to change the way you do business and reach your audience whether you realize it or not. You can no longer rely solely on word-of-mouth and bridal shows to reach your venue goals. Yes, wedding shows are still important, but they shouldn't make up your entire venue marketing efforts.

Have you noticed more and more of your competitors are blogging? That's because blogging has become a vital component of a successful and well-rounded marketing plan. (If you answered no to that question, then you are way ahead of your competitor's curve. So, get out there and get writing).

Blogging is one of the most under-utilized tools in your marketing tool chest but it can be the secret sauce to help attract and engage with new visitors and prospects on your website. Here's how:

Why Blogging is Important

Well, for starters, blogs are helpful. You wouldn't be reading this blog if that weren't true. These days, people go to the web to search and research their pain points.

brooke-cagle-170053-unsplashPicture a newly engaged couple. While they may have participated in or attended weddings before, this is their own big day, and they want to make it special. They are also working within a budget and may not know what their best options are. With an overwhelming amount of questions on their mind, they turn to Google for answers.

Now, what if your blog answered their questions? This couple may have never heard of you, but now, they are finding the answers they were looking for. Then, they notice that you also host weddings at your venue.

Creating a Plan For Your Blog Content

Before you sit down at your computer, it's important to plan out the topics you will cover in your blog content.

While it's important that your blog provides good, educational content, it's also critical that your blog posts be consistent. Don't write an awesome blog, then make your audience wait two months before you publish another one. In fact, the companies who are really succeeding are writing at least once a week.

At StoryTeller, we find it valuable to take the time to put together an editorial calendar on either a monthly or quarterly basis. When you have a set plan, it's easier to stick to.

Cultivating Ideas for Blog Topics

Brainstorming blog topics is the hardest part, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions: One of the best places to start cultivating blog topics is your frequently asked questions. For example, you may discover that most couples ask about venue capacity, and there's more that goes into that answer than many think. So, why not write a blog on it?

  2. Trends: Many brides follow wedding trends, especially since the advent of Pinterest. But you don't necessarily have to write about how "on trend" your venue is (especially if it's not). Show your knowledge of the trends, then highlight reasons why breaking away from these could be important.

  3. Share Opinions: Is there a buzz about a hot topic in the bridal industry? Write about it — especially if you have a unique perspective. These are frequently some of the best performing blogs we have but, all too often, people shy away from being disruptive. (i.e. Why Country Clubs are Great Wedding Venues for Same-Sex Marriages)

  4. Storytelling: This is my favorite type of content because this is what resonates with people. For instance, share stories of couples who hosted weddings at your venue. And I don't mean just describing what they ate and how they decorated the space, make it about them. What was this couple like that made them want to get married in this space? How did they meet? What did they look for when they were visiting venues? People love to learn more about the wedding couple, so let their details shine.


Blogging is really our secret sauce for getting new traffic to our clients and our own websites. We are all full of questions and instantly turn to the web to find answers. Blogging as part of your venue marketing strategy helps the leads flow.

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