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W.C. Branham: Measurable Inbound Marketing Results for Manufacturing

When they came to StoryTeller, W.C. Branham needed to convert website visitors to leads. Like many manufacturing companies, they relied on phone orders and the contact us page on their website. Their existing sales process did not capitalize on the existing traffic that was reaching their website.

"I knew moving to an Inbound strategy was going to be an investment in both time and money and I was intimidated by the process initially." said Troy Branham, President of W.C. Branham.  "The Storyteller team made it as easy as possible for us. They are the strategic partner that you should be turning too."

Product Page Lead Generation

By embedding contact forms on individual product pages, we closed the gap between customer research and the functionality for them to reach out about a specific product. Through the integration with HubSpot, the sales reps were also able to see on a page-by- page basis which products the leads had viewed in their research process, helping them to better serve the customers over the phone. By integrating their sales process with the free HubSpot CRM, we’ve been able to directly attribute revenue with the new leads that are being converted through the website.


Introduction of a Content Strategy

By creating and implementing a consistent content strategy, the StoryTeller team was able to continually drive new traffic to relevant product pages resulting in over 600 new form submissions and just under 3,000 new visits to the website in the first 12 months.



Content Analysis

Using short, succinct videos, we transformed talking points about niche manufacturing products into compelling and entertaining videos. Overall, both blogs and videos improved organic search results ranking, but the video blogs drew more than double the number of viewers as the other blogs.

"I am pleased with the results so far and there is so much more to realize. As a second generation family business, we needed this shot in the arm.” 


Manufacturing Marketing Strategy Helps Niche Business Capture Leads Online

  • Existing website did not capture or convert leads from online traffic.
  • The addItion of quote request forms on product pages significantly increased lead generation.
  • HubSpot CRM integration enabled sales team to integrate online leads.
  • Written and video posts greatly increased traffic.
  • Video production provided entertaining alternative to mundane product descriptions.
  • Manufacturer greatly increased leads, conversions, and sales within a year.


"I am pleased with the results so far and there is so much more to realize. As a second generation family business, we needed this shot in the arm.” 

- Troy Branham, President

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