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Amplify Your Message with Video

Whether you need a single video, an ongoing production solution, white label video, or video training — we can help.


Single Video

When you have a specific project in mind, we’ll meet to understand your goals and find the essence of your story. Then our process includes shooting, field production, interviews, scripting, editing, and revisions.

*Cost of a single video depends on the complexity of the project but our average video ranges from $5,250-$7,500.


Starting at:


Video Blueprint & Production

Our unrivaled process offers exceptional bang for your buck. Using this time-tested strategy, we’ll complete a one-day shoot and deliver 3 videos and a 1-minute “sizzle reel”. So you'll end up with 4 final videos.



Multiple Video Projects

If video is an integral part of your strategy, we offer a cost-effective solution to produce multiple videos.

Cost depends on the complexity and length of the project, starting at $4,500 per video for two or more videos, with price reductions as the number of videos committed to increases.

Monthly Retainers enable you to spread out the cost of video production over the course of the year via monthly installments. Depending on the number of videos produced, monthly retainers generally range from $3,000 - $7,000 per month.


Multi-Video Projects


Monthly Video Retainers


White-Label Video

Using a “spoke and wheel” production strategy, we create one white label video that can be branded and used by each unique entity within your organization. White-label video is ideal for multiple brands or locations under a single corporate umbrella and organizations with franchise, distributor or reseller channels.

*Cost of white-label video starts at $5,000. Post-production re-branding starts at $300 per brand.

Video Production


Post-Production Rebranding

$300 per brand


Need more information? Submit your project details to receive a free quote.

We just need a few more details to help you get an accurate project quote. Simply fill in the form below or book a meeting to get a quote from our team. Our team will review your project details and provide you with the following:
  • An initial project estimate for the production of your video
  • Ideas and examples that align with your vision & budget
  • Next steps in the creation process


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