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Starting with a Proven Process

Every club has different goals, successes and improvement areas. When we start talking with a new club, we don’t jump right into suggesting marketing and sales tactics. We believe strategy needs to align with your business and support your club's needs — having a clear pathway to growth and new business is all about having a Proven Process as your foundation.

Step One: The Deep Dive

We start by assessing your club's starting point and discovering your goals. Through research and gap analysis, we determine your needs and prioritize tactics for quick wins and long-term success.  

Step Two: Build the Foundation

Next, we build the foundation necessary to achieve your goals. This always includes a strategy and plan, but may also include implementing tools, training your team, and developing processes.


Step Three: Execute the Program

Finally, we develop and deploy the content and implement marketing programs. We measure results and make adjustments to ensure your goals are met and new opportunities are developed.

Sales and Marketing Services


Getting started can be the hardest step. These educational programs will get your marketing and lead generation efforts headed in the right direction. Whether you simply need insights on where to focus your energy or need help getting your staff up to speed on modern marketing, we've got just the thing for your club.

Storytelling for Clubs Workshop

Learn to identify your most compelling club stories that connect with your members and prospective members. Discover how to share stories to engage your audience and build community. 


Full-Day Workshop

CRM Training for Member Sales and On-Boarding

Define your sales cycle and map it to the CRM. Understand CRM functionality and learn to leverage it in the sales and onboarding cycle. Learn to sell using templates, snippets and deal stages. And define reporting to monitor your results. 


Half-Day Workshop
Custom configuration available

Build a Contemporary Marketing Plan Workshop

 To align your team, we begin with onsite "Inbound 101" training to understand key marketing concepts to attract and increase website traffic, convert leads, and close members. You'll develop an actionable plan that includes a high level SEO audit, target market primary persona, outline of a campaign with complete conversion path, a 90-day content calendar with blog suggestions and social media recommendations, and a dashboard analytics template. 


Full-Day Workshop

Online Club Marketing Assessment

Get insights on the current state of your marketing, website and lead generation efforts so you can build a better plan. With your input, our staff will assess and overview CRM Opportunities, Sales Enablement Opportunities, Top 3 Competitive Analysis, Website Audit, Keyword & Domain Authority Analysis, Content Organization & Optimization, and Lead Conversion Opportunities.


Customized Training & Consulting

Whether it's tools and technology training or inbound marketing education, training programs can be customized for your club's specific needs. Our team of passionate marketers can also support your team and fill in gaps so you can do more and achieve your goals faster.

$1400 (8-hour onsite)

$550 (3-hour online block)

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Ready to go beyond insights and education? The Activation program is the best way to get a quick jolt of marketing energy for your club. We recommend the best plan of action based on your goals, needs, current state, and resources, so you begin seeing results as soon as possible.

60-Day Bootcamp

This intensive program of discovery and foundation building begins to activate your marketing, and includes:

  • Onsite Workshop with your team
  • Inbound 101 Training
  • Software Set up 
  • 2 Lead Generation Campaigns


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Ready to kick your marketing and lead generation into a higher gear? These Acceleration packages are fuel your club needs to attract and convert more members, events, and weddings.

Monthly Strategy & Execution

Each quarter we assess and refine your marketing program to create a 90-day roadmap to optimize performance and pursue emerging opportunities. We execute the different elements of your program, which can include content, video, lead nurturing, social media, reporting, and more. 

$3000 - $7000/month

Projects and Consulting

When you just can't get it all done yourself, we lend a hand right now or work on long-term projects requiring expanded capabilities.

Cost: Based on the scope of the project or engagement, using our typical billing rate of $165 per hour.

$165 /hour


Video Blueprint & Production

Our unrivaled process offers exceptional value and efficiency to build your video assets. Using this time-tested strategy, we’ll complete a one-day shoot and deliver 3 videos and a 1-minute “sizzle reel”. 


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