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Private Club Marketing

You can grow your membership and engage members — we can help.

StoryTeller is an inbound marketing agency helping private clubs grow their membership, event revenue, and build lasting community. We provide private club marketing services that stretch from marketing training to sales enablement and everything in between.

Start with a Proven Process


Attract the Right Prospects

By developing your club's unique stories, then using modern digital strategies to bring your club's brand to life, we help you attract the ideal prospective members of your club.

convert visitors to leads

Convert Interested Visitors to Leads

Through research and strategy, we create opportunities to begin the membership conversation earlier – and more often – with the right people. You'll be able to confidently predict, report and influence new member activity.


Stay Connected

We align your message with the motivations of your audience, so you can continue the conversation until the prospect is ready to join...whether that takes weeks, months or even years.


The Deep Dive

We start by assessing your club's starting point and discovering your goals. Through research and gap analysis, we determine your needs and prioritize tactics for quick wins and long-term success.


Build the Foundation

Next, we build the foundation necessary to achieve your goals. This always includes a strategy and plan, but may also include implementing tools, training your team, and developing processes.


Execute the Program

Finally, we develop and deploy the content and implement marketing programs. We measure results and make adjustments to ensure your goals are met and new opportunities are developed.

Tools and Resources for Private Club Marketers

Check out these great resources that will help you learn the essentials for private club marketing and how to budget for them today!


Does Your Website Support Your Club’s Membership Goals?

Your club’s website can be so much more than a doorway for your current members to access their membership portal. In today’s digital world, your website is like a Swiss Army knife for all of your sales and marketing efforts -- from attracting the next generation of members to differentiating your club from others by sharing your story. We collaborate with clubs to create custom-built websites that are designed with your prospects in mind and easy to update. They’re also affordable and will integrate seamlessly with your existing technology platform and internal portals. Website design pricing starts at just $7500.

Essential Club Marketing Guide preview



Download our free, easy-to-understand guide to discover how to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your private club.


Case Study


Check out this case study to discover how our proven strategies transformed Greystone’s website into a 24/7 sales resource, launched a successful engagement campaign, and rapidly grew their membership!



Tell Your Stories

By developing your club's unique stories and sharing them using modern digital strategies, we bring your club's brand to life. Shared stories build community within your club, and enable deeper connections.


Give Members a Reason to Refer Friends

We find and convey stories that help your members feel connected and make them want to share the experience with their friends. Shared stories increase members' sense of pride in their club.


Make New Members Feel Welcome

By aligning your messaging with the motivations of new members, and using technology, we enhance the new member's onboarding experience and help them become engaged in club culture quickly. Successful onboarding improves member retention.

Since 2012 Hazeltine has partnered with StoryTeller where they have helped us with our inbound marketing, website, tracking, and customer nurturing. We see ourselves as a leader in the golf industry and StoryTeller has helped our digital presence reflect that. They have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of Hazeltine to ensure their work is not only effective but also very personal to create the best possible experience for both our members and customers. I would undeniably recommend their services!
Lukas Dreger, Director of Member Engagement
Hazeltine National Golf Club


Kathy Heil


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Video Production for Private Clubs

Social Media Video Production

  • Showcase upcoming capital improvement projects
  • Highlight how members use your amenities
  • Share a quick demo of golf and tennis tips
  • Give prospective members access to what lies "behind the gates"
HubSpot Video

EMGA | Minneapolis, MN

Community Overview Video

  • Reinforce your Club’s message and service offerings
  • Highlight your Club’s culture
  • Show your commitment to the greater community
  • Showcase how life-long friendships are created
HubSpot Video

Champion Hills | Hendersonville, NC

Course Overview Video

  • Give a “sneak peak” to prospective members and create an instant connection
  • Consider hole-by-hole flyover video shots
  • Highlight what makes your course unique
  • Showcase the Club culture
HubSpot Video

Olympic Hills Golf Course | Eden Prairie, MN

Member Testimonial Video

  • Build credibility and trust with prospects
  • Showcase your most valued asset—your current members
  • Feature members that represent those you would like to attract
  • Let your members do your selling and recruiting
HubSpot Video

Canoe Brook | Summit, NJ

Staff Profile Stories Video

  • Highlight interesting and memorable staff stories
  • Explain how the team’s experience benefits of your Club
  • Excite existing employees and recruit new talent
  • Give members a “behind the scenes” look at your Club’s management
HubSpot Video

Canoe Brook | Summit, NJ

Member Stories Video

  • Create connections with prospects with emotion
  • Create & foster Club culture
  • Impress prospects with your personality and vibrant community
  • Turn events and tournaments into memorable stories
HubSpot Video

Hazeltine National Golf Club | Chaska, MN

Wedding Testimonial Video

  • Illustrate what an event looks and feels like for prospective couples
  • Showcase the beauty of your Club and venue spaces
  • Anticipate how you’d address couples’ questions
  • Let your most satisfied couples do your selling
HubSpot Video

Hazeltine National Golf Club | Chaska, MN

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