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Meet the Team: Melissa Nault, Web Development Expert

Meet the Team: Melissa Nault, Web Development Expert

Melissa Nault, or “Mel” as the team affectionately calls her, is StoryTeller’s website development champion. As “Web Design and Developer,” Melissa handles the end-to-end process of creating websites from scratch for both clients and the STMC team. 

Early Career

For school, Melissa attended Brown College in Minneapolis where she majored in Graphic Design. Since the World Wide Web had not yet been launched, she began her career at ADC Telecommunications as an Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Administrator, and Graphic Designer in corporate marketing. After 13 years with ADC, Melissa began working at Pax Christi Catholic Church in Eden Prairie, MN as Communication Arts Director. There, she was exposed to the world of website development. 

She found immense satisfaction in doing their biyearly website redesigns. Not only was she passionate about elevating the church’s website, communication, and marketing strategies, but she found she was also very good at it. She became so interested in the world of web development that she began taking classes to hone her abilities.  

In addition to creating and leading the management of the church’s website, she also managed a monthly magazine from start to finish. When she wasn’t overseeing the production and design for that, Melissa tackled the filming and production of various video projects. After 16 years as the church’s communication backbone, Melissa left as a website pro, bringing her talents to the StoryTeller Media + Communications team.

Bringing Talents to StoryTeller

Melissa’s work at StoryTeller ranges from creating eye-catching graphics to constructing websites with the Web Dev Team from scratch. In Melissa’s own words, when clients need help with their websites, she “mainly [makes] landing [and pillar] pages for them.” Additionally, she specializes in creating graphics and downloadable pillar pages for our clients.

It was clear from the beginning that Melissa embodied all of StoryTeller’s values to a tee. She displayed a drive for mastery through her commitment to developing her website design skills earlier in her career as well as a lock-down reliability that is extremely crucial in her shoes. She’s known naturally within the team and our clients for being someone who you can count on to get shit done.

Favorite Projects

Her favorite project: the StoryTeller website redesign. Melissa is known within the team for her stellar organization and sharp attention to detail. When it comes to the merging of creativity and website coordination, Melissa assembles a website like no other. Her favorite thing is when “I have everything I need for a project and I can just work on it, bang it out, and the client loves it. Then, we get to just move it on and I can start with a new one!”

Outside of StoryTeller, Melissa has had several other projects she’s enjoyed leading. Most notably, Melissa co-led the founding of the Catholic Communicators Network of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Melissa grew this network around the Twin Cities area from two communicators to over sixty. She notes this experience as the “feather in her cap” during her time at the church.

In addition to constructing websites, Melissa and her husband also have a knack for “DIY-ing” around their homes. They’ve passionately worked on several remodeling projects over the past 30 years. She says remodeling houses is “a huge project” that they both have really enjoyed doing. When she isn’t working on her home, she enjoys spending time with her family and new grandson, Luca.


We couldn’t be luckier to have Melissa on our team. If you have the opportunity to work with Melissa, just know you’ll be in good hands. With her attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and knack for problem-solving, you can be confident in any website you entrust to StoryTeller.come work for storyteller media + communications

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