Carter Johnston

What Are Content Pillars? Why Do We Need Them For SEO?

SEO is ever-changing, and trying to master it can feel like chasing your tail. You know adapting to the latest trends and search engine updates will help you stay competitive and rank in search, but how do you prioritize? One aspect we know remains the same when it comes to SEO – search engines reward authoritative and trustworthy websites that provide valuable content to their visitors.

Content marketing has long been a driver of organic search traffic with various strategies going in and out of fashion. And for the last several years, content pillars have the spotlight. But is it worth it? Does your company need to invest time and resources into making content pillars now? The real question should be, do you want to efficiently optimize your content, drive more traffic, convert more visitors to leads, and convert more leads to customers? If the answer is yes, then you should implement content pillars into your SEO strategy.

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