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Meet the Team: Hope Waytas, Content Strategist

Meet the Team: Hope Waytas, Content Strategist

Meet Hope Waytas, one of StoryTeller’s Content Strategists. With a successful track record as an Associate Account Manager, Hope is now venturing into a new chapter that aligns perfectly with her true passion: writing, but more on that later.

Discovering Her Passion for Marketing

A graduate of Luther College, Hope earned a degree in business with a specialization in marketing, along with a minor in studio art. Like most college students, Hope wasn’t sure what her future career would be. Serendipitously, Hope’s journey took a turn during her sophomore year when a memorable encounter in Marketing 101 kindled her interest in the field. Inspired by an influential professor, she recognized the potential to combine her natural affinity for interpersonal connection with her creative gifts.

Hope's love for writing dates back to her childhood, when she spent her free time crafting news articles and jotting down stories in her journal. This passion evolved as she entered the professional world, and now as a Content Strategist, she channels her writing skills into projects such as engaging blogs and email campaigns.

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Excelling as a StoryTeller

For Hope, StoryTeller is more than just a company; it's a platform that has enabled her to truly flourish as a young professional. Reflecting on her experience, Hope shares, "This is a great place to grow, learn, and feel incredibly supported." She values the challenges that drive her growth her freedom to pursue her passions through her drive to mastery, one of our core values.

This passion has taken root through the projects she’s been a part of. One of her favorite parts of work is engaging with subject matter experts through interviews. The combination of acquiring new knowledge and transforming it into a final piece that resonates deeply with clients greatly fulfills her. Ultimately, the pinnacle of her satisfaction comes from hearing back from happy clients who feel excited about the final piece.

Hope’s Favorite Part of StoryTeller

For Hope, something that makes StoryTeller unique is the culture. She thrives in the dynamic and occasionally "crazy" environment, where the mantra of "work hard, play hard" is truly lived.  At StoryTeller, she finds balance amid the work and play with her co-workers, and feels energized by the team’s never-ending thirst for knowledge.

For clients, Hope wishes they knew how much research is invested in creating the best piece possible. Whether it’s a blog, video, or new website, there is endless research invested in diving deep into the topic at hand. She notes that the quality of work that shapes a project is something that cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence and is something the team takes great pride in.

Finding Fulfillment Beyond Work

During her off-duty hours, Hope immerses herself in rejuvenating hobbies. A recent dive back into horseback riding has rekindled an immensely gratifying pastime for her. When she isn’t at the stables, she enjoys spending time with her husband Evan, dog, and two cats. A plant-lover, hiker, and coffee enthusiast, Hope never fails to fill her time with the things that fulfill her the most.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for every project she undertakes, Hope Waytas stands as an embodiment of StoryTeller’s core values. Her ability to seamlessly blend her business expertise with her artistic flair sets her apart as a dynamic force within the content strategy landscape. As Hope continues to embrace new challenges, learn from every experience, and infuse her distinctive character into her work, she not only elevates the StoryTeller team but also inspires others to pursue their own unique paths with fervor and authenticity.

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