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Meet the Team: Matt Eckholm, Visual StoryTeller

Meet the Team: Matt Eckholm, Visual StoryTeller

Meet Matt Eckholm, the creative editor behind StoryTeller’s Emmy-winning videos. As our video editor, Matt holds the key to implementing and managing all post-production needs and infusing life and magic into every video project. From color correcting to crafting captivating animations, Matt is your go-to guy for transforming raw footage into visual masterpieces.

From Film Production Enthusiast to Mastery

Matt's love for film production ignited during his time at Minnesota State University Moorhead. As a Film Production major, he found the perfect platform to nurture his passion. Collaborating with a core group of students, Matt experimented with his craft and found his creative voice, setting the stage for the beginning of his career.

After graduation, Matt fully embraced video storytelling as his chosen career path. Since then, he has focused on crafting narratives through video. With each project he undertakes, Matt breathes life into stories, leaving a lasting impact on audiences through his unparalleled creative vision and technical expertise. As a StoryTeller, he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, producing video content that captivates and inspires.

A Special Project Close to His Heart: Boyum's Culture Piece

Among the projects Matt has undertaken, one holds a special place in his heart—this culture piece for Boyum Barenscheer. Capturing the essence of a stellar work environment can be challenging, but Matt was inspired by the company's culture. Bringing their vibrant work atmosphere to life through his creative brilliance filled him with pride.

Matt’s Favorite Part of StoryTeller

When asked about his favorite part of StoryTeller, Matt's response was immediate. He expressed an appreciation for the "atmosphere of growth" that permeates our organization. As our video editing genius, Matt not only plays a critical role in producing exceptional videos but also embraces the company's holistic approach to continuous improvement.

At StoryTeller, being “driven to mastery” is ingrained in our values, and Matt embodies this ethos. He thrives in an environment that encourages constant growth, where every team member is driven to reach new heights of excellence. It comes as no surprise that Matt resonates with this mindset, as he continuously pushes the boundaries of his craft and infuses every project with his unparalleled artistry.

Beyond the Desk

When Matt isn't weaving his magic into editing, he finds joy in exploring the suburbs of Minneapolis alongside his wife and dog. An avid fan of constructing charcuterie boards and savoring new culinary efforts, he loves discovering new flavors and cuisines during his leisure time. And as an outdoor enthusiast, Matt also loves exploring Minneapolis' myriad biking trails, immersing himself in the beauty of nature.

Maestro at the Video Editing Helm

Matt Eckholm's unique talent and passion for visual storytelling have earned him the title of the maestro behind StoryTeller's memorable video editing. With each project, he showcases his creative genius by repeatedly captivating audiences. As he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, Matt's contributions enrich our video storytelling and elevate each project to extraordinary heights.

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