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6 Ways to Make Enviable Employee Training Videos

6 Ways to Make Enviable Employee Training Videos

Employee training videos can be a great way to make a lasting impression with your new hires, but those first impressions can just as easily turn into a bad experience. With the right kind of videos you can fuel motivation, inspire action, and reduce costly mistakes within your company. 

Here are 6 ways to create truly enviable employee training videos for your company:

1. Make it Digestible

One of the common mistakes companies make when producing video is that they try to accomplish every goal with just one video. It's important that you make the content digestible. There is no perfect length, it will take you longer to teach someone how your company sales process than how to prepare a single product. The key is to break it down in a way that helps viewers remember key information.


Your videos could be spread out through the course of a two-week training process or cut into 3-minute sections and then followed up by an in-person activity. Whatever you do, don't give your employees long-form videos and expect them to remember every detail of everything they have just watched.


2. Make it Meaningful

Your video content should be relevant to your employees where they are right now. Make sure that you understand the context surrounding this video when they watch it. Are your viewers going to be current employees who understand industry terms and company culture or will you be showing your video to brand new employees who have never had a customer interaction? These training videos should be very different from each other.

Use the power of video to help your new employees understand how their job will make a difference in your company, in the lives of your customers, and in the community around you.


3. Make it Easy to Watch

78% of people watch video online every single week. Your employees come in contact with video all the time, video is ingrained in their daily lives, it is no longer a novelty. Make sure that your video is well-produced, free of distractions like bad actors, cheesy music/graphics, and unnecessary content. Use a video player that has a quality user interface and make sure that your videos are prepared in a way that they stream quickly while still maintaining the best possible quality.

4. Make it Clear

When creating a script for your video, make the message very clear. Make sure to edit out anything that will complicate or muddle your message. Start by asking yourself, "What is the one thing that I want my employees to know after they watch this video?" Use that one thing as a check and balance to make sure that everything you include is relevant to your message.

5. Make it Memorable

Video is a great way to combine both audio, visuals and storytelling together to create something that goes a long way to make things memorable. Using the power of stories, you can help your employees connect the information to real life situations they will face on the job. Steer clear of training videos that are just a person talking to the camera — instead, think about how you can show the consequences of negative actions or the rewards/benefits of positive actions.



6. Make it Helpful and Relevant

It can be really tempting, but skip lengthy introductions and historical backgrounds. Dive into real, helpful, relevant information as soon as possible. The sooner you can connect the dots for your new employee, the sooner they will be jumping in to get started with their new job. Video is a safe environment where you can show the best case scenarios without tying up your best employees for training.

These are just a few of the ideas that will help you create successful employee training videos for your e-learning, training, or onboarding programs. If you are looking to create videos that inspire action in your employees, contact us today!

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