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Human Resources (2)


Recruitment Video Practices for Hiring the Best Team

Finding the right person for your company is getting more and more difficult. Not only does the candidate need to have the appropriate skill set that will help them succeed, they also need to be a culture fit. One way to make sure you hire the right...

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How to Use Video Throughout the Candidate Experience

Webster defines Human Resources as one of the toughest jobs known to everyone who has ever been in the workforce. I didn't make that up. (I have a friend named Webster who is in Human Resources.) Between onboarding, training, benefits, and...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Internship

So, you are interested in a marketing internship? That's awesome! Internships are the perfect stepping stone to more long-term marketing jobs. While your classes and education are an essential place to start, there's no better way to learn than...

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How to Stand Out When Applying for a Digital Marketing Role

On one hand, there’s never been an easier time to look for a job. The internet changed the landscape for both recruiting and job seeking in ways that could have never been imagined. In the late 80’s, when I was in the job market for the first time,...

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