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Build Buyer Trust with Content Marketing for Golf Course Real Estate

Build Buyer Trust with Content Marketing for Golf Course Real Estate

Minnesotans know that once the first novelty snowfall of the season appears, that white stuff may stick around until Mother’s Day and like many snowbirds, they spend a considerable amount of time planning for the winters yet to be.

“Where will we go when the nest is empty?” they wonder. Considerations like location, activities, amenities, and of course real estate play significant roles in determining those next stage of life decisions. According to a national Bankrate survey, it’s not just the snowbirds that are looking to relocate in their golden years, 3 out of 5 Americans want to retire in another city or state.

If golf is what you’re looking for, it’s a buyer’s market. For developers and builders, the competition is fierce and the supply exceeds demand. With the global economy stronger, people have more disposable income to spare, which means that they are more likely to invest in secondary purchases like golf homes. And like all consumer decisions, the path to purchase begins online.

The 2018 Real Estate in a Digital Age report, by the National Association of Realtors, notes that 44% of people begin their real estate search online. Buyers have access to listings, virtual tours, location and neighborhood insights, and are doing their research before engaging with a real estate agent. So how can a private residential or master-planned golf community make sure they can compete in today’s online search? This is where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing as defined by the Content Marketing Institute is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Content marketing builds trust, and trust is the glue that binds relationships. Content can capture the attention of your target audience. Your content needs to answer the questions that the retiring snowbirds are asking like, “should we build or buy our forever home” or “benefits of living by the ocean vs mountains” or “top private golf communities in the Scottsdale area”.

Today's consumers put an emphasis on a brand’s accessibility online and with content, you have the opportunity to build trust before ever meeting your prospects. You can be that trusted virtual tour guide, take them to new places, and introduce them to new friends all at the touch of a key. Having a well-defined content marketing strategy will help you build trust, elevate your brand awareness, increase your traffic, generate more leads, and provide solutions to your prospect’s problems.

Content Marketing Ideas for Private Golf Communities

Location, location, location: Before you can fall in love with a golf community or a home a buyer needs to be enamored with the location. Help them get a flavor of the local area by publishing articles that help them visualize what a “day in the life” looks like in your region.

  • Points of interest in your backyard (local tours, city guide, parks, and attractions)
  • Weather and climate considerations
  • Cost of living
  • Medical Care
  • Distance from airports
  • Local restaurant scene
  • Local business highlights

Real Estate + Golf: According to a Golf Life Navigators (GLN) Consumer Trends Report, 73% of prospective golf members plan to combine their search for a new club with their home. The survey reveals that it’s an even 50/50 split of what’s more important, golf or a home purchase. This data suggests that your content marketing strategy needs to equally address both real estate and community content equally.

Real Estate Topics:

  • How to prepare for the buying process
  • What to look for in a real estate agent
  • Featured listings
  • Financial stability of the community
  • Market report and housing forecast
  • Painless home remodeling ideas
  • Buyer resources (lenders, builders, interior designers)

Golf Topics:

  • The history of the course (designer spotlight)
  • Nuances of golf in your region (mountains, desert, ocean)
  • Couples golf
  • Meet the teaching pros
  • Golf and fitness
  • Hole by hole spotlight

Community: While real estate, geography and lifestyle top the list of considerations, the GLN Consumer Trends Survey touts “social interactions” and “friendly culture” as the top motivators for selecting the right place for retirement.

This affirms how important it is for your brand to be able to help your prospects connect on an emotional level (video works great here!) with your culture and community. Chances are retirees are leaving behind a lifetime of friends that they have collected and are eager to know that they will make new ones in this transition.

  • Meet the staff profiles
  • Meet the member profiles
  • Activities for the active adult (55+)
  • Giving back in retirement
  • Health and wellness
  • Member stories
  • Things to do when your grandkids visit

Marketing has always been about connecting with people at the right time in the right way. Today’s buyers contemplating major decisions like real estate and relocation need to be able to learn about your community from the comfort of their home and without having to talk to anyone on your team. If your brand doesn’t create content on a regular basis, chances are you are reliant on members or community residents to drive leads.

Private clubs and communities wanting to control their own sales destinies should consider making content marketing a priority.

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