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Creating a Successful Video Production Timeline From Start to Finish

Creating a Successful Video Production Timeline From Start to Finish

Producing a video as part of your company’s video marketing strategy or upcoming event requires a lot of planning, patience and confidence. With a limited supply of money and time, knowing how and when everything is going to happen is crucial for getting the job done.

Though each video we produce requires it’s own creative approach and shooting techniques, we have a tried and true process to help you get the most out of your video production timeline.

Breaking it down by the three main stages of video production, here’s a look at how to keep the timeline moving smoothly from start to finish.



When it comes to producing a video, the most important element is communication. Communication starts on the front end when defining expectations, it flows throughout the production stage to ensure everything is running smoothly, and it continues at the end of the project to make sure the result is what both parties want.

Teamwork & Contract

As you’re creatively brainstorming, get your whole team involved and sign off on what kind of video you’re hoping to produce. That way, everyone knows what to expect from start to finish. Get your messages, budget, length of the video, and audience demo hashed-out clearly, and then put those elements in writing through a contract.

Why is a contract so important? A contract with everything on paper keeps everyone on the same page and is a constant reminder of expectation throughout production.


Prep Talent

Now that you have a shoot date in place, plan ahead and start checking off the boxes of everything taking place that day. If you’re filming at your office, do your coworkers know to bring their best behavior and take a shower that day? Prep your talent with interview questions and expectations several days before the shoot so they have time to prepare and feel comfortable in front of the camera. The last thing you want is to have to reschedule a shoot because someone isn’t prepared or ready.

Be Open

Again, communication is essential. Are we covering everything discussed in pre-production? Are we sticking to the time schedule for the day? Openness and regular communication will leave everyone walking away with confidence at the end of the day.

Post Production


The magic of video actually happens after the video is shot, but it doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. The most important element is a timeline. Set deadlines for script completion, feedback, first draft delivery, and final video delivery. This keeps both parties accountable to keeping production going and also allows you to set meetings internally with your team to review, especially if you have decision-makers who aren’t always in the office. Getting those dates on their calendars ensures they’ll make the video turnaround a priority, and, ultimately, gets you a final product done faster.


Compile all feedback into one document to review with the production team. This helps keep the process smooth versus having a number of people’s contrasting opinions and thoughts bombarding the producer’s inbox. 

A lot to take in? Hiring a production team is very important to the overall success of your marketing video. And  as your production team, it’d be our job to make sure we’re getting your product to you the way you want it, when you want it, and how you want it. 

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