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Steph Crock

Steph has been a part of the StoryTeller family for several years and in that time has played a significant role in all of our content services. She currently serves as the Multimedia Content Producer on StoryTeller's award-winning video team and is a natural at making people feel comfortable on camera. Her background as a TV news reporter brings a unique skill set when it comes to telling stories, and she goes out of her way to make sure the production process is seamless and enjoyable for everyone. Steph's passion for video production extends beyond the job. She enjoys listening to movie scores and watching all things Marvel Studios with her dog, Marvel. Born and raised in Minnesota, Steph enjoys spending her summers at the lake and winters coaching snowboarding lessons.

why your video is nothing more than a cheap commercial

Why Your Video is Nothing More than a Cheap Commercial

Think about the last video you watched. How did you find it? Were you actively looking for it? If that’s your answer, we call your bluff. Chances are that video – the one that made you drop everything you were doing and indulge in distraction – was one you stumbled upon during a habitual newsfeed...

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video producers help your team

Benefits of Working with a Video Producer

You’ve decided to want a video, great! Now what? Unless you're satisfied with doing something on your phone (which will look more amateur-ish), you’re likely going to seek out a video production company to help bring your vision to life, especially...

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Creating a Successful Video Production Timeline From Start to Finish

Editor's Note: This blog post was updated for clarity and accuracy on September 18, 2023. Producing a video as part of your company’s video marketing strategy or upcoming event requires careful planning, patience and confidence. With a limited...

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man checking social media on his cell phone

Is Facebook Watch the New Netflix? The Next Evolution of Video Content

It's the era of binge-watching, and almost everyone is guilty of getting sucked into episode after episode... after episode. Heck, some on-demand viewing platforms even start playing the next episode for you! Primetime shows are losing real-time...

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Harness the Power of Business Storytelling Through Video

It’s natural to want to show off your business’ accomplishments. We all long for that sense of pride. However, these types of stories are mostly self-serving. As with elevator pitches, there’s a time and a place for that. The best video stories...

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Is Brand Journalism Just for Big Businesses?

The concept of brand journalism isn’t all that new, but people are now starting to harness the power it has on today’s massive digital audience. It is just as it sounds, essentially brand marketing through journalism techniques. Brand journalism...

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What I Learned as a Journalist: 4 Secrets to Powerful Storytelling for Business

Journalists are great storytellers. We have to understand storytelling just to get into the business, and once we’re hired, we get plenty of practice. While working as a TV reporter, I was tasked to cover a few short stories (VO’s and VOSOT’s for...

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3 Important Things to Nail Down Before You Start a Business Blog

Ask just about anyone with sound marketing judgment about the importance of blogging and you’ll get a pretty universal response. Do it, and do it often. Why? Besides the fact that it’s free, it fulfills the desire every online-facing business craves...

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Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with Journalistic Brand Content

Some of my fellow StoryTellers recently attended the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s event surrounding their annual 40 Under 40 publication, which highlights young local leaders who’ve made an impressive name for themselves, and rather...

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