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Palmer Retail: B2B Manufacturer Tops Google Ranks with Helpful Content

Detroit-based manufacturing company, Palmer Promotional Solutions brings innovation, high-quality custom craftsmanship and good old-fashioned hard work. However, CEO Jim Palmer faced a common struggle for many business owners, how to incorporate more powerful and cost-effective marketing solutions to reach new customers and grow his business.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

"Attending trade shows and flying cross-country to meet with marginally qualified prospects had become time-consuming, expensive, and increasingly ineffective. Palmer's prospects were turning to search engines as they researched products and services while Palmer was still struggling to leverage this space.

“Before working with StoryTeller, Palmer wasn’t even listed or featured in Google,” said Jim Palmer. “And we all know Google is the gold standard for search.”

Building a Blog for Business

Over the course of several years, StoryTeller has worked with Jim and his team to build a blog rich with writing and videos that informed and educated his prospects, helping them solve problems. Instead of sales propaganda, the blog focused on helpful and useful information, which elevated Palmer's ranking in organic search.

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Generating Qualified Sales Leads

"Once website visitors found Palmer, StoryTeller and the Palmer team developed additional resources that these prospects found compelling enough to download in exchange for their valuable email address. In addition to the follow-up conducted by Palmer's sales team, these leads were nurtured through an ongoing email campaign.

Understanding there are numerous ways to execute this process, Jim says, “StoryTeller is a proven commodity,” then adds, “the leads have been better than I ever could have expected or imagined.”



Needed to find a powerful, cost-effective marketing solution

  • Before working with StoryTeller, Palmer was not listed in Google search results.
  • Built a blog, rich with blog and video content focused on providing solutions and information.
  • Improved organic search results.
  • Developed resources prospects would download.
  • Nurtured leads through an ongoing email campaign.

"The leads have been better than I ever could have expected or imagined.”

- Jim Palmer, CEO

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