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8 Marketing Video Production Ideas that Really Work

8 Marketing Video Production Ideas that Really Work

We’ve been beating the video drum since we started as a marketing agency. We know firsthand that producing marketing videos helps improve our clients’ digital marketing efforts. The trends have only shown this to be more and more accurate as time has gone on. Research shows that video’s importance will continue to grow in coming years, and wise marketers are paying attention.

Wyzowl’s 2022 video marketing survey found that 70% of marketers who haven’t used video in the past plan to start this year. However, if you haven’t added videos into your marketing mix the past, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts. Let’s look at the marketing tactics that you’re already using for ideas on how video can help make them even more effective.

1. Video Blogs To Improve SEO

Smartphones and social media usage has allowed video content to explode in popularity. Including video content within your blog posts offers more opportunities for engagements and the ability to connect your content marketing to your target audiences. When you put videos in blog posts, they become more exciting to explore. You can also recycle and reuse past content ideas by freshening them up with a new video. Blogs with video content are also linked and viewed more than blogs without video.

Whenever you write a blog post that highlights a specific type of subject matter, there's often the opportunity to include a video that allows imagery to support your narrative. See this video example about the Capitol Region Watershed District to see what we mean.

2. Videos in Emails and Marketing Automation

According to Campaign Monitor, people receive more than 121 emails per day at work. Using video in your email increases your click-through rates, conversions, brand awareness. Its use in emails also better educates your customers about your product or service. In fact, having a video in your email can lead to a 6% increase in open rates. Videos engage and entertain your customers. They also allow you to quickly and effectively communicate with your target audience.

Check out this video designed to be shared via an email campaign about choosing the right characters when planning an upcoming video production.

3. Video Testimonials for Products and Services

Savvy marketers like you know that the most persuasive and believable messages don't come from sales reps; they come from satisfied customers. A video testimonial about your brand and product coming from a genuinely happy customer is more believable than anything a sales rep can and will say. When you blend that type of social proof with the emotional impact of video, you energize your digital marketing efforts. 

This example is a testimonial to highlight how Black Line Group and MISCO Speakers have worked well together to build their businesses.

4. Video Case Studies

“88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video,” according to Wyzowl. Case study videos powerfully attract new customers and increase revenue. They show your product or service solving real-world problems. They can be personal and help potential customers understand your work better. When done well, case study videos can showcase the value of your work and help grow your business.

Here’s a powerful example of how video can make a powerful case for an upcoming initiative for your business or organization. In this story for Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center, viewers see how the organization touches the community.

5. Social Media Videos

Think about your own engagement on social networks. What captures your attention?  Consumers are more likely to watch videos than read long paragraphs, meaning that video on social media improves social engagement between brands and customers. As a result, you'll sell more products and services, increase brand loyalty, improve lead generation, and trigger profitable conversations. How’s that for mutually beneficial?

The best social media videos tell stories that entertain and inspire. Here’s a great example made in partnership with Aim Higher Foundation.

6. Videos for Your Website and Landing Pages

Adding video to your website & landing pages can increase conversions by 86 percent, but that's not all. Video also captures attention, educates prospective customers, and provides valuable analytics about what's working. Also, the more video content you create, the more people will see your website. Your website ranks higher in search engines over time when it offers interesting video content.

Explainer videos are just one example of videos that work really well on websites and landing pages, especially when your product or service might be difficult to articulate via copy alone. Check out this example.

7. ADD Videos FOR Paid Social

Video on your paid social ads is more likely to evoke an emotional response from customers, and that can drastically help build your company’s brand awareness. They can also show potential customers what your business does and are more likely to capture their attention. With paid social media video ads, you may be able to stretch your budget further than you could with a typical ad campaign through Google or Facebook.

The Minnesota Nurses Association wanted to highlight the work of nurses as part of a larger PPC campaign. See how this video communicates the mission and celebrates the work they do.

8. Videos FOR Paid Search

Incorporating video into your paid search campaign can improve your paid search stats on your landing pages which will help you lower how much you pay for keywords on services like Bing and Google Ads.

Imagine you’re thinking of moving to a new private club community. Which would you prefer, photos of the community or a full video walk-through of your new potential home? Champion Hills knew which options their prospective community members wanted! This kind of video would work well for a paid search campaign.

So, if you're looking to increase your click-through rates, conversions, and brand awareness, consider adding a video to your next digital marketing campaign. Have you seen good results from using video in your marketing? Let us know in the comments below.

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