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Smarter Web Development: Harnessing HubSpot Smart Rules

Smarter Web Development: Harnessing HubSpot Smart Rules

I’d like to think that all content we produce is smart, but thanks to HubSpot, we’re even smarter! We use the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) platform exclusively to create modern, professional websites that help our clients meet their business goals.

What sets HubSpot apart are its remarkable modules, empowering us to implement smart content rules. These rules dynamically adjust design and content elements based on specific criteria such as audience segmentation, device type, or referral sources.

But let's not just talk about it; try it out. Are you a subscriber to our blogs? If yes, head over to this page and witness a tangible example of smart content in action. As you land on the page, you'll notice a personalized line that speaks directly to you as a valued subscriber. If you're not yet part of our subscribers' community, you're just a click away from joining us here. If you prefer to observe without subscribing, here's a glimpse of the two versions:

Smart Content Options

This is only one example of customizing content. When we use HubSpot to create smart based on several factors:

  • Device Type: We can target visitors with unique content based on what device they’re using: a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. You could create three versions of the same webpage to improve the user experience for each device.
  • Contact List Membership: Display different content to visitors who are members of specific HubSpot lists (like blog subscribers).
  • Preferred Language: Personalize content based on the language set within the visitor's web browser.
  • Ad Source: Tailor content for viewers based on the ad they've clicked, such as Google Ads.
  • Country: Customize content based on the viewer's country, determined by their IP address.
  • Referral Source: Present smart content to visitors based on how they discovered your site.
  • Lifecycle Stage: Tailor content based on a visitor's Lifecycle stage property value as set in the HubSpot Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Beyond Web Pages

HubSpot’s CMS isn’t the only tool where smart rules can be created. We can deliver personalized content within:

  • Emails
  • Web pages
  • Blog articles (in the header/footer only)
  • Global modules
  • Calls to Action (CTAs)

For example, most website templates automatically adapt design to the user's device. But they’re not perfect and we sometimes need to make minor adjustments. This used to require custom coding but now, we use smart rules.

Let’s revisit the website design services page to show you another example. Take a look at it on both a desktop and a mobile device to see what we mean: 

Client Use Case: Smart Content by Membership Type

We recently took this functionality to a new level when we helped a private golf club develop an automated system for onboarding new club members. Traditionally, onboarding involved in-person sessions with printed membership materials, a practice common among many clubs. This conventional approach required new members to manage printed content and share information with family members who couldn't attend the onboarding sessions.

To streamline and modernize this process, we introduced a secondary website or subsite exclusively designed for new members, accessible at members.clubwebsite.com, and seamlessly linked to the main clubwebsite.com. Simultaneously, we automated a series of emails to enhance the convenience and accessibility of the onboarding experience for new members.

With the onboarding subsite, new members gained a permanent online resource, fostering a sense of community and encouraging them to explore and utilize all the club's amenities. To further personalize the experience, we implemented automated weekly emails featuring different aspects of their membership.

Now, let's delve into the "smart" aspect of our solution. The private golf club community comprised residents, non-residents, golf members, and social members. Leveraging smart content, we tailored the information displayed on the homepage, ensuring residents immediately accessed details about their Homeowners Association (HOA). In the email workflow, we seamlessly prioritized sending HOA-related information to those identified as residents, eliminating the need for separate workflows. For non-residents, the content was strategically curated to highlight the benefits of considering residence within the community. Moreover, for residents not interested in golf, smart content was employed to subtly encourage them to explore golf membership opportunities within their community.

Smart Content to Fit Your Needs

The versatility of smart content knows no bounds, applicable to diverse businesses, clubs, nonprofits, and websites. Continually discovering innovative ways to use smart rules, we strive to deliver customized content and enhance usability, assisting our clients in achieving their business goals and creating dynamic, impressive experiences for their prospects.

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