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INBOUND 2022: HubSpot’s New Features

Connected Customer Through HubSpot New Features

The annual INBOUND conference is the place to network, learn, and find out first-hand HubSpot’s latest and greatest marketing features. HubSpot’s INBOUND 2022 was an in-person and virtual learning extravaganza.

 If you were unable to attend, or need a recap of the event, we have identified the top latest HubSpot features to help better connect you with your consumer base. Making genuine connections with people is a product of listening and building trust between two parties. Nancy Harhut of HBT Marketing said it best during her HubSpot session “Marketing Best Practices; Trust it or Bust it,” “...it’s just incumbent on us as marketers to make sure that we’re customer focused, you focused. That we write in a way that people are engaged and entertained, and that they get value. If we do that, they will stick with us.”

This year’s theme focused on the need for connection in post-pandemic life. To address the need for better personal connection, HubSpot’s new features center around the idea of a connected customer. Paired with this, HubSpot announced the launching of connect.com, a new online community for marketing professionals to connect and build strong relationships with their peers and community.

In addition, HubSpot has released a multitude of new features and updates to its platform. In keeping with their focus on authentically connecting with your customers, below are notable updates made specifically to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.  

HubSpot New Features: Marketing Hub


Looking for new ways to connect with your prospects and customers? You can now integrate a WhatsApp business account with HubSpot and use it as a messaging channel. The integration also supports the sharing of videos and images.

Expected Impact: 

The integration of WhatsApp solves a potential barrier of entry, offering you and your customers an additional avenue to connect. All conversations that take place on the app will be visible within the contact record, creating a great single source for you and your team to reference. 


The WhatsApp integration is available to companies with the Marketing & Service Hub Pro & Enterprise plans

Campaigns 2.0

Campaign management just got easier! View tactics and strategy across the buyer’s journey to enhance engagement at every touchpoint and improve campaign optimization. 

Expected Impact:

Campaigns are the bread and butter of your entire marketing team. This update helps to elevate your customers’ experiences with your brand. The smarter we marketers can become at tracking consumer behavior, the smarter and better our campaigns will be. After all, better visibility on tactics and strategy aligns with creating a better consumer experience!


Marketing Hub Pro & Enterprise plans

Customer Journey Analytics

Gain access to your customer’s entire buyer journey and achieve insights on which touchpoints resulted in conversions. 

Expected Impact: 

This data will give a better report on the buyer’s journey, highlighting what was successful, and what was not so successful. This information can help optimize processes that worked (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it–add more to make it better!) and point out things to rethink to avoid deal losses.


Marketing Hub Enterprise plans

Ad Conversion Events

Entering a cookieless world can seem daunting at first–how the heck else will we track consumer data? As we enter a privacy-first world, HubSpot customers can now fully realize all of their first-party data to target, report, and optimize. Currently only available on LinkedIn, other platforms will be coming later this year.  

Expected Impact: 

Cookies? Don’t need ‘em. Ad conversion events enable you to feed hyper-targeted ads to your audience without the need for cookies. 


Marketing Hub Pro+ plans

Of course, these new features are only the tip of the iceberg, and you can get the whole down low on all the latest features by visiting HubSpot’s website. What truly, deeply matters is how you build a connection with your consumers, and how you remain attentive to their needs. Using HubSpot’s upgraded tools you can track, report, and optimize your marketing processes with ease, making the means of connecting with your consumers all the easier.  let us help you - we are a hubspot partner agency

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