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Ed Heil

Ed Heil is the president of StoryTeller Media + Communications. StoryTeller is an inbound marketing agency and video production company based in Minneapolis. Ed blogs about inbound marketing, video production, social media, and media relations.


Skol Minnesota: 7 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from the Vikings

It's hard to live in Minnesota without relating everything to the Minnesota Vikings these days. In case you missed it, the Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFC playoffs in an instant classic that featured four lead changes in the final...

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Make the Leap Into Business Video

I’m a '80s music fan. The loud guitars, big hair, and over the top antics — I love it all. So, when I started thinking about making the leap into...

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Why Blog? A Scalable Process for Increasing Your SEO

According to Keywords Everywhere, 880 people are looking for the answer to the question, "why blog?" every single month, which tells us that blogging...

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Corporate Video Services: The Best Videos to Create to Meet Your Goals

If you're thinking about producing a corporate video, you're in good company. According to HubSpot's State of Inbound Report, marketers are paying...

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Instant Video Library: Build a Video Library with Just One Shoot

Admit it… you’re helpless without your phone. So am I. I ask Siri for directions even when I know where I’m going. She’s not always 100% accurate,...

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When HubSpot is Not Right for Your Business

HubSpot is a really powerful marketing automation software that has provided great results for many businesses, but simply implementing the product...

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The Biggest Secret to Creating Corporate Videos That Resonate

When you combine moving pictures, strong characters, and a powerful narrative, you can take people somewhere and make them feel something – more...

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Big Questions: What Makes a Story Newsworthy?

Have you ever noticed how often Time and Newsweek have the same cover stories? It's almost like they get together to compare notes, although we all...

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When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Content Marketing?

How long does it typically take you to write a 500-word blog post for your company?  If your answer is less than an hour, congratulations! You're in...

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Uncover Your Company Stories Like a Veteran Reporter

Darcy Pohland was known for her ability to dig up stories like few other reporters in the Twin Cities television news market. Bound to a wheelchair...

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