Ed Heil

Ed Heil is the president of StoryTeller Media + Communications. StoryTeller is an inbound marketing agency and video production company based in Minneapolis. Ed blogs about inbound marketing, video production, social media, and media relations.

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You Don't Need to Hire A HubSpot Partner Agency, Or Do You?

If you’re implementing one part of HubSpot, no problem. The CMS? It’s fabulous, a world class “WYSIWYG” tool that makes it simple to post a blog the moment you’re done writing. The email platform is exceptional, even equipped with bumper guards to make sure you don’t spam people. You say you like...

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8 Video Promotion Ideas to Help Your Videos Stand Out From The Crowd

Can you imagine inviting friends over for a nice dinner at your house and not offering dessert? The dinner might taste great, but it would be more satisfying if you went the extra step to enhance your meal with a sweet treat. That may seem obvious...

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Is Shorter Video Better? Learn the Secrets of the 90-Second Video

There's no question, with the amount of video content that you can find online these days, the attention span of most viewers is limited, to say the least. When we look at viewer engagement stats for our videos, less than 10% of people watch for...

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Understanding the Cost of Video Production: Key Factors to Consider

Editor's note: This post originally published in December 2017 and was updated in August 2023. Over the years, we've produced a number of videos for our clients, which range from non-profits to Fortune 500 organizations. Regardless of how large or...

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Creating Training Videos for Your Franchise

Hiring the right people for your business is difficult and for franchise operators, making sure new hires are trained correctly is critical. Setting up your new team members for success begins with effective and repeatable training processes....

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Essential Considerations for Your 2022 Video Marketing Plan

Congratulations! The boss says you’ve got the green light to begin producing video as part of your marketing plan and the leadership team supports you 100%. All you have to do is put together a video marketing strategy that they will sign off on! It...

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The 7 Best Show-Stopping End of Year Event Video Ideas

Year end can be a stressful time for leaders as they tackle end of the year planning. Many companies today are starting to brainstorm how to approach year-end get-togethers for both in-person and virtual teams so they can celebrate the holidays even...

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What Impact Does Social Media Have on Mainstream Media?

Long before the phrase "fake news" was part of social and political vernacular, it was difficult for media to feed a 24-hour news cycle with enough content to keep news programming interesting. Fast-forward to today and not only is there plenty of...

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How to Pick the Best Sound Bites for Your Video Production

Picking the best sound bites is a critical part of most video production. Compelling comments that draw in an audience and keep them connected with a story are the cornerstone of professional storytelling. Perhaps the best place to start is with a...

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Quality, Affordable Video Production That Comes To You, Anywhere

Over the last two years, the pandemic has shattered long-held structures within the world of work. The idea of a majority remote workforce shifted from a futuristic, fringe idea to an imminent necessity, and now, it’s a mainstream reality. With...

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