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12 Essential Tactics to Consider for Your 2022 Digital Marketing Plan

The end of 2021 is fast approaching and now is the time to review your most successful marketing channels and look ahead to the trends that you should include in your 2022 digital marketing plan. It can be easy to keep your marketing engine running...

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Mission 2022: Top Video Marketing Trends and Examples

Visual content continues to dominate the digital world’s center stage. That’s why leveraging video’s capacity to tell stories, engage with your customers, and boost your brand’s presence has never been more paramount.

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What Impact Does Social Media Have on Mainstream Media?

Long before the phrase "fake news" was part of social and political vernacular, it was difficult for media to feed a 24-hour news cycle with enough content to keep news programming interesting. Fast-forward to today and not only is there plenty of...

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Why Journalists Make the Best Blog Writers

In a piece about the difference between journalists and bloggers, Content Grip points out that the level of technique and skill of those with a background in journalism adds a level of quality to the content produced.

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3 Content Lessons That Make for Great Video Editing – video editor, pen, tablet, DSLR, planning

3 Content Lessons that Make for Great Video Editing

Finding talented videographers today isn't difficult. Hobbyists, college graduates, and long-toothed production experts are all over job posting sites. But being a great video producer (let alone the next Spielberg) takes much more than Premiere,...

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5 Customer Acquisition Tactics Every Business Should be Using

Customer acquisition can be tricky work. Outbound sales tactics are often outdated and end up frustrating potential buyers rather than converting them. So, how can you use inbound sales tactics to acquire new customers? Where should you be putting...

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The Modern Marketing Playbook: New Tactics to Try in 2019

With the start of a new year, comes the exciting opportunity to make a refreshing new start. The gyms are flooded with people trying to reach their fitness goals (or drop those extra holiday cookies), and people are making lists to get organized and...

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Don't Be a Marketing Zombie: Write Engaging Blogs not Blaaaaaaaghs

I can't take it anymore — these things are everywhere and they are eating people's brains for lunch! We as marketers are guilty of creating really boring and unhelpful content that forces people to tune us out, block the content, and move on. It's...

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More Traffic, Less Work: Boost Blog Traffic Without Writing a New Post

It's a generally accepted truth that if you want more traffic, you just need to create more content. More blogs and website pages mean more opportunities for people to find your website. But what if I told you that isn't true, that all more content...

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How I Used Data Analytics to Increase Our Content Quality

In the quickly-evolving digital marketing space, it can be so easy to get distracted by all the shiny new strategies, tools, and tactics. It’s so easy to get lost trying to decode the latest Google algorithm or try a new SaaS tool, and then, we...

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